My first informal mentor was Domingo De Nubila who talked about cine on a weekly radio program that I used to listen as a child in Buenos Aires. Later on we became friends and  I was a frequent guest in his TV programs about films and entertainment.

When I first lived in the USA – New York in 1959 – I subscribed to “Esquire,” which at that time was redolent with talents like Dwight Macdonald, a very cultured and different film critic of those times. I was fascinated by his deep knowledge of world cinema – a very rare thing among movie critics then and now. My admiration for Macdonald’s had only one single flaw: he liked Antonioni, and I let him keep that opinion and did not try to convince him otherwise.

These days when I read a film review by David Denby or Anthony Lane at “The Newyorker” I feel completely articulated in their POV and analysis of artistic and technical points.

Looking forward to seeing Orpheus Negro tonight with you all!



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