CINEMATIKI MAUI evolved organically from the sustained
interest and vision that Tom Sewell and J.J. Iuorno-Paladino
have shared about cinema and films for more than a decade.
That’s how long we have been viewing and discussing films together,
beginning with our regular attendance at the Wednesday’s films at the MACC.
From the very beginning, we felt there was a wealth of world-class-cinema
that ought to be screened here in Maui. We also knew that we wanted
the opportunity to review some of our own favorite directors greatest films
without having to travel to some distant city in the outside world.
And so, after many years of germination, the idea of
the CINEMATIKI finally sprouted and became a project in November

It was then when we realized that we already had most of the elements
necessary to implement our game plan. Those elements
included the Gassner/Sewell studio, which had enough sitting
room for a few dozen film-lovers, and it was equipped with
professional projection equipment and a big screen. We also
had for the first time a relatively easy access to the films.
Most importantly, we had the passion and the knowledge for
the enterprise.

From its inception, CINEMATIKI’s mission has been to celebrate the art
of cinema. Each one of us attends these weekly gatherings with distinct
expectations. CINEMATIKI MAUI provides a forum—20 to 50 viewers
every week, in which each one of the viewers catches different meanings,
images, and impressions from the same film. Afterwards, during our
commentaries and discussion time, each viewer has the possibility of sharing
those impressions with the rest of the audience. This experience of shared
perception is transformative. It helps us widen even more our
understanding of art, ourselves and others.

So far, we have viewed about three hundred films.
Three hundred loaded piñatas full of fantasies, art and cinematography.
Our vision continues. The next 300 films are about to begin stacking up.

Looking forward,
J.J.Iuorno-Paladino & Tom Sewell

17 responses to “About

  1. U guys are amazing. I did not know that we had a cine club Tiki in Haiku
    Thank u JJ

    • Merci beacoup, Mahalo, Muchas gracias, Mille grazie and thank you very much for your commentary and support…YES !!! CINEMATIKI MAUI is our connection to world cinema and those films which we CANNOT get at the cineplex @ the malls or at our homes by ourselves without another 50 valid points of view…it is our way to connect and learn from each other in this increasingly alienated brave new world !!!!!!!

  2. Great stuff, JJ ! Looks like you guys have yr own Cinema Paradiso down there ! Cheers, James

  3. what is the cinematiki ABOUT ???

    after 3 years and nine months of almost uninterrupted weekly gatherings we are ABOUT to show our 162 (ONE HUNDRED SIXTY SECOND) film and to start a cycle dedicated to New York film directors like: Sidney Lumet, John Cassavetes, Woody Allen and Martin Scorcese…

    we are also ABOUT>>
    reviewing some of the best films from all over the world in an environment free of cell phones, texting, pop-corn chewing and soda-slurping …
    we are also ABOUT encouraging our guest (s) on being present in the moment to absorb much more than just the entertainment quality of the movie and to be able to learn from all the artist (s) involved in the film process and from each other in our post-cinematic discussion…
    we are, just ABOUT- the only Maui/Hawaiian cinematheque- happening in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean that each week provides a dark, comfortable safe haven for cine-philes of all ages, gratis and with Aloha…

    these are some of the things that we are ABOUT…

    how ABOUT that ??

  4. I attended my first cinema tiki evening last Monday with your showing of Warren Beatty’s “bulworth”. While I enjoyed seeing this challenging film and appreciated it’s relevance to contemporary politics, I was thoroughly delighted with the post-film discussion and the stellar quality of those attending. The importance of film as social commentary and of widening the horizons of the viewers is especially significant this week when the Maui film festival shares its 13th year, and encourages me to come frequently to Cinematiki. Kudos to Tom and JJ for co-creating such a fine addition to the Maui cultural scene. Mahalo nui loa.

    Ed Jor-El Elkin
    Evolutionary Agent and Consulting Synergist.

  5. Aloha wonderful friends–

    Apology for my abrupt exit last time. I was dismayed by the use of animal killing as comedy and chose to leave rather than put a damper on the 3rd anniversary party.

    I have lots to say, both about the above in Hollywood today, and about John Cleese, whom I knew socially in early 60s New York City, where he gave his first US performances. Ask me tonight?

    Nadine [Nai`a]

  6. Looking forward to the 3rd anniversary party! Great ‘entree’ of ‘Fish’ for my return from Thailand — and for all of us to enjoy a good laugh! Thank you for making Monday Nights so special each week. While the movies range (in my opinion) from excellent to tedious — the quality of the participants and discussion are always stellar!!! Keep ’em coming — Thanks to Tom, JJ, and the entire cast and crew!!! Aloha XO, Steve

  7. our next presentations will be a cycle of films“inspired by fellini” …

    The nights of Cabiria = directed by Federico Fellini
    Sweet Charity = directed by Bob Fosse

    8 1/2 = directed by federico fellini
    nine = directed by rob marshall

    we’ll also do a cycle of films on Bob Fosse and Alfred hitchcock, plus de-lightful surprises in between…

    in a couple of months – november 17th- it will be our third anniversary of the cinematikis mondays showings…

    we have already seen more than 125 films by some of the best directors in the history of cinema…

    we have all gained invaluable insight into films and film-making and we have acquire the trust with each other to be able to comment on our likes and dislikes.

    we look forward to many more mondays @ the cinematiki…

    it is also time to have a party ! …

    save Saturday November 19th, 2011 for our 3rd. anniversary party !!

    looking forward,

    jj and tom


    • it was a tuesday…
      it was november 17,2008 and we decided to invite some friends to see “la nuit americaine” a film about films and filming by francois truffaut
      and …
      NOW…MONDAY…november 14th. 2011…
      we celebrate our third anniversary and ONE HUNDREDTH AND THIRTY THIRD (133) film …
      pretty good…
      thank you and see you at the ParTy `~!

      ts & jj

  8. No better way to enjoy a film than to share it effects on the many shards of many minds and catch a glimpse never expected and maybe a metaphor or two or an allegory to boot to take into our lives after the final shutter has blinked.

  9. mahalo nui loa for all your time and effort in creating such an awesome film study! I so appreciate Monday evenings, it`s become my favorite day of the week! J.J. and Tom do a truly amazing job together, and I look forward to the discussion almost more than than the movie.
    Lots of warm aloha,

  10. Sorry I had to miss Monday’s screening, but I look forward to attending some in the future. Please keep me on your mailing list.

  11. ALOHA TOM & JJ:…. hope i find both of you guys well…
    YES, YES…. PLEEZ keep me on the MOVIE mailing list….. i have been going to upcountry fitness every monday evening since january; now down 25+ pounds…. will re-arrange my schedule, since i miss the movies…..
    MAHALO for organizing this…. i do hear from other friends from time to time about the various films….
    hope to see you two soon at an upcoming showing….
    i did come by for jill’s screening of “woke up alive” a few weeks ago…..
    aloha from huelo….
    nikhilananda…. ;o}

  12. You guys did a BEAUTIFUL job creating a description of our wonderful film group! I so enjoy attending each week and seeing films that I’ve always wanted to but haven’t yet — or revisiting beloved favorites. It’s an honor to be part of such an intelligent, warm, friendly, offbeat, eclectic and downright eccentric group of film buffs — delightful human beings that I am getting to know increasingly more deeply through our discussions, which often equal or exceed the caliber of the film viewed. Thanks J.J and Tom for making it happen and to all who attend for making it the rich and colorful experience that it is every week!

    Warm Aloha,

  13. Jeanne & Bill Paynich

    Keep up the good work. Each movie and discussion is an education.


  14. please keep me on the mailing list

  15. Thank you so much for providing this unique experience for our maui family. I have thoroughly enjoyed the times I have been able to attend, unfortunately that is not always, but I still enjoy receiving the mailing of the next screening with anticipation.
    Hope to see you all soon

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