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Monday January 15th, 2018 ***Phantom Thread *** Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson *** interpreted by Vicky Krieps, Daniel Day-Lewis, Lesley Manville


Set in the glamour of 1950’s post-war London, renowned dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis) and his sister Cyril (Lesley Manville) are at the center of British fashion, dressing royalty, movie stars, heiresses, socialites, debutantes and dames with the distinct style of The House of Woodcock. Women come and go through Woodcock’s life, providing the confirmed bachelor with inspiration and companionship, until he comes across a young, strong-willed woman, Alma (Vicky Krieps), who soon becomes a fixture in his life as his muse and lover. Once controlled and planned, he finds his carefully tailored life disrupted by love. With his latest film, Paul Thomas Anderson paints an illuminating portrait both of an artist on a creative journey, and the women who keep his world running. Phantom Thread is Paul Thomas Anderson’s eighth movie, and his second collaboration with Daniel Day-Lewis.


Monday January 8th, 2018 ***Call Me By Your Name *** Directed by Luca Guadagnino*** interpreted by Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet, Michael Stuhlbarg


CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, the new film by Luca Guadagnino, is a sensual and transcendent tale of first love, based on the acclaimed novel by André Aciman. It’s the summer of 1983 in the north of Italy, and Elio Perlman (Timothée Chalamet), a precocious 17- year-old American-Italian, spends his days in his family’s 17th century villa transcribing and playing classical music, reading, and flirting with his friend Marzia (Esther Garrel). Elio enjoys a close relationship with his father (Michael Stuhlbarg), an eminent professor specializing in Greco-Roman culture, and his mother Annella (Amira Casar), a translator, who favor him with the fruits of high culture in a setting that overflows with natural delights. While Elio’s sophistication and intellectual gifts suggest he is already a fully-fledged adult, there is much that yet remains innocent and unformed about him, particularly about matters of the heart. One day, Oliver (Armie Hammer), a charming American scholar working on his doctorate, arrives as the annual summer intern tasked with helping Elio’s father. Amid the sun-drenched splendor of the setting, Elio and Oliver discover the heady beauty of awakening desire over the course of a summer that will alter their lives forever.

Monday January 1st, 2018 ***Bread and Tulips *** Directed by Silvio Soldini *** interpreted by Licia Maglietta, Bruno Ganz, Giuseppe Battiston

Bread & Tulips

Rosalba (Licia Maglietta), a middle-aged woman on a bus trip to Venice with her husband and her sons, is left behind at a rest stop off of the highway. As the days go by with no word from her family, she settles into a room at a local hotel and takes a job at a flower shop. When her husband and sons begin to miss her, they send a friend looking for her. “Bread and Tulips” is a warmhearted comedy about love, family, and friendship.



  • Joyeuses Fêtes!
  •  Felices Fiestas
  • Hạnh phúc ngày lễ
  •  節日快樂
  •  Masaya pista opisyal
  •  Laethanta saoire sona
  •  Trevlig Helg!
  • Boas Festas!
  •  Mutlu Bayramlar!
  •  Sarbatori Fericite!
  • 행복 휴일
  • Vesele Praznike
  • Selamat Hari Raya!
  •  Sretni praznici!
  •  Boldog Ünnepeket
  •  Καλές δικακοπές! (kales diakopes)
  •  Glade feriedage
  •  Gëzuar Festat
  •  Jie Ri Yu Kuai
  •  Bones Festes!
  •  Felix feriarum
  •  Furaha likizo
  •  幸せな休日
  •  חג שמח
  • Buone Feste!
  • Ii holide eximnandi
  •  Forhe Feiertage
  • Prettige feestdagen
  •  Hau’oli Lanui
  •  Beannachtaí na Féile


Monday December 11th, 2017 – Bread and Chocolate **** Directed by Franco Brusati *** interpreted by Nino Manfredi, Anna Karina, Paolo Turco


Ever-bumbling Nino (Nino Manfredi) is an illegal Italian immigrant working in a Swiss hotel. Waiting on the wealthy, he feels as if he’s carved out his own place in paradise. When he loses his job after being arrested for urinating in public, Nino is desperate to stay in the country. He goes into hiding, ends up living in a chicken shack and eventually decides to dye his hair blonde and pass himself off as a German. However, Nino grows to have doubts about hiding his heritage and identity.

Monday December 4th, 2017 – Moonlight **** Directed by Barry Jenkins *** interpreted by Mahershala Ali, Shariff Earp, Duan Sanderson



The tender, heartbreaking story of a young man’s struggle to find himself, told across three defining chapters in his life as he experiences the ecstasy, pain, and beauty of falling in love, while grappling with his own sexuality.

Monday November 20th, 2017 “The Band’s Visit” Directed by Eran Kolirin, interpreted by Sasson Gabai, Ronit Elkabetz, Saleh Bakri


The eight Egyptian musicians who comprise the Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra arrive by mistake in a small town in Israel’s Negev Desert. Their booking set for a different city, and with no transportation out of the town or any hotels to stay at, the band settles at a restaurant owned by Dina (Ronit Elkabetz), who offers them lodging. Overcoming ethnic barriers, the Egyptians find diversion and companionship with the Israelis through a pervading undercurrent of shared melancholy.

Monday November 6th, 2017**** “Vagabond,” Directed by Agnes Varda, interpreted by Sandrine Bonnaire, Macha Méril, Stéphane Freiss


Vagabond is one of Agnès Varda’s finest films. First released in 1985, its title in French is Sans Toit Ni Loi–Without Roof or Law or Homeless and Lawless. It is the story of Mona, a young homeless woman roaming the landscape of a French wine-growing region in deepest winter. Lined with a feminist sensibility, Vagabond is both naturalistic and formally remarkable. Filmed in a realistic, pseudo-documentary style, it is structurally ambitious and bleakly poetic. Varda, interestingly, dedicates her film to Natalie Sarraute, one of the key writers of the Nouveau Roman (New Novel), the French literary movement that challenged post-war narrative conventions. Vagabond also features a compelling central performance by Sandrine Bonnaire. The actress, unsurprisingly, won a César (French Oscar) for her courageous turn as Mona. The film itself won the Golden Lion at the 1985 Venice Film Festival.

Monday Octorber 30th, 2017**** “Le Bonheur,” Directed by Agnes Varda, interpreted by Jean-Claude Drouot, Claire Drouot and Olivier Drouot

Le Bonheur

Though married to the good-natured, beautiful Thérèse (Claire Drouot), young husband and father François (Jean-Claude Drouot) finds himself falling unquestioningly into an affair with an attractive postal worker. One of Agnès Varda’s most provocative films, Le bonheur examines, with a deceptively cheery palette and the spirited strains of Mozart, the ideas of fidelity and happiness in a modern, self-centered world.

Monday, October 16th, 2017***** ” Cleo From 5-7″, Directed by Agnès Varda, *** with Corinne Marchand, Antoine Bourseiller***


Cinematiki Maui is proud to present Cléo from 5 to 7, Directed by Agnes Varda, released in 1962. This film is the story of a selfish pop singer Cléo (Corinne Marchand) has two hours to wait until the results of her biopsy come back. After an ominous tarot card reading, she visits her friends, all of whom fail to give her the emotional support she needs. Wandering around Paris, she finally finds comfort talking with a soldier in a park. On leave from the Algerian War, his troubles put hers in perspective. As they talk and walk, Cléo comes to terms with her selfishness, finding peace before the results come back.