The Conversation by Francis Ford Coppola

3 responses to “The Conversation by Francis Ford Coppola

  1. …and the ACTING !
    …let’s not forget the indelible performances of gene hackman, john cazale , terri garr, etcetera…
    these are not dull, boring actors…
    they are performing characters that manage to convey their mediocre, banal and desperate lives on the screen and are so true to form that open some of our own hidden wounds and makes us resent them for allowing it to stick in the velcro of our mind…

  2. I adored the slow, some would say boring, still, some would say vapid,
    meticulous disclosures of this film….particularly the fugue-like
    replaying, replaying, replaying of ‘the conversation’…each replay
    allowing another nuance of discovery in the droning. This was
    fertile soil, some would say …, and i found it reviting. It spurred
    much inquiry into the basic questions being posed and though
    my life will not change immeasurably I will be far more attentive
    in viewing the enigmatic, complexities of the unmasked ordinary.

  3. how wonderful to be able to disagree with our dear friends and to perceive a great film so totally different from each other…this is what makes the cinematiki and “horse races” such a personal bet…the characters in this film are so complex and interesting in their mediocre, dull and mundane lives, the story evolves in such a unexpected, quirky manner, the cinema verite style mixed with beautifully framed shots and the musical score and sound design are still so modern and minimalist , even after all these decades…TOP NOTCH COPPOLA !

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