Amélie By: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

4 responses to “Amélie By: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

  1. Carolyn Israelite

    Amelie portrays how easily a minor tweak, can twist and redirect our “destinations”
    The impact of an “inner child”, and the healing power of love-
    center and transform our cores.

    Everything, impacts our Karma-
    the fly landing in the street-
    a box full of memories-
    kindness and cruelty-
    being loved.

    Cause and effect-
    Cause and effect.

    Jean Pierres Jeunets-explores the full spectrum of emotions in his Films-
    from dreams being stolen-
    to dreams being actualized.

    Bravo- Tom and JJ
    and – Thank You !!!!!!

  2. I noticed Amelie is on one of the movie channels I have back here in CT…. I started watching it but had to leave. After reading your commentary, I will set aside time to see it! Hope all is well with everyone. Beautiful back here… Marion

  3. what a tsunami of creativity contained in such a little jewel of a film…not one frame of the film was wasted in banalities or senseless ego trips…so crammed with the dreams, fantasies, realities, night-mares, day-mares, afternoon-mares of this grown-up artist=
    jean-pierre jeunet…with his child/creator fully alive for the ocassion…what a privilege to see it again in such well disposed company…ahhhhhhhhhh, the pleasures of (w)holistic (sic) film viewing- as opposed to “seeing a movie” because he/she is so cute” …thank you for indulging us…jj

  4. almost midnight ,still up…watching the film again with the
    directors comments…can’t get enough of this fantastic film. production design,story,,locations,faces,crazy
    situations,archival footage…a real gem…plus i have had a 50 year love affair with photobooths.. tom sewell

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