Brazil By: Terry Gilliam

One response to “Brazil By: Terry Gilliam

  1. Having recently dealt with nightmare bureaucracy involving a loan with Sallie Mae that I co-signed for my son and a tragic-comedy spin with the interstices of a credit card company — I found great comic relief with the aspect of “Brazil” that portrayed that insanity so brilliantly. Also, loved all of the exposed gizzards in the walls and the mocking of high society. The men in black barging in became boring, tedious…..and numbing. Maybe that was the point…….?!

    Side note: I wonder if “the kids” who left found the technology boring and outdated — considering a similar film in theaters “Inception” and all of the computer graphics. These guys used gobs of actual tubing!!

    Side, side note: If this link is hot, click to see some great, recently discovered photos of Brando:

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