Monty Python’s The Life of Brian

One response to “Monty Python’s The Life of Brian

  1. early tuesday morning i was still running in my head some of the scenes of the film that kept aligning on the screen of my mind like if it was a giant slot machine that sometimes revealed some obvious or hidden brilliant concept that this band of maniacs managed to plant in this film…
    it made me also realize how easy it would be to dismiss this work as lunatic buffoonery by the pious and institutionally mis-informed…
    perhaps because i discovered monty phyton’s work in the dark caves of film houses not on television they have always impressed me as fully realized masters with all the imperfection of true geniuses…this was my second viewing of the film and the most important reading i’ve gained this time was the issue of frontal nudity in the characters of brian and mary-magdelene (?!?) which did more to destroy the long impossed taboos of religion with regards to sex and genitalia that millenias of judeo-christian repression and moral posturing…viva la libertad !

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