*** MONDAY March 25th, 2019 *** Tom Jones *** DIRECTED BY Tony Richardson *** INTERPRETED BY Albert Finney, Susannah York and George Devine

Tom JonesTom-Jones-Undercroft

Tom Jones (Albert Finney), a bastard foundling raised by the kindly Squire Allworthy (George Devine), loves the beautiful Sophie Western (Susannah York), but cannot marry her due to the difference in their stations. When the villainous Blifil (David Warner) tricks the squire into casting Tom out of his household, the young man goes forth into the world on a series of high-spirited adventures, including heroic swordfights, mistaken identities, good deeds and lusty women.

Based on Henry Fielding’s enduring novel, story is set in Somerset, a West Country lush county, and in London during the 18th century. The somewhat sprawling, bawdy and vivid screenplay of John Osborne’s provides some meaty acting opportunities and the thesps grasp their chances with vigorous zest.

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