CINEMATIKI MAUI evolved organically from the sustained
interest and vision that Tom Sewell and J.J. Iuorno-Paladino
have shared about cinema and films for more than two decades.
That’s how long we have been viewing and discussing films together,
beginning with our regular attendance at the Wednesday’s films at the MACC.
From the very beginning, we felt there was a wealth of world-class-cinema that ought to be screened here in Maui. We also knew that we wanted the opportunity to review some of our own favorite directors greatest films without having to travel to some distant city in the outside world.
And so, after many years of germination, the idea of the CINEMATIKI finally sprouted and became a project in November

It was then when we realized that we already had most of the elements necessary to implement our game plan. Those elements
included the Gassner/Sewell studio, which had enough sitting
room for a few dozen film-lovers, and it was equipped with
professional projection equipment and a big screen. We also
had for the first time a relatively easy access to the films.
Most importantly, we had the passion and the knowledge for
the enterprise.

From its inception, CINEMATIKI’s mission has been to celebrate the art of cinema. Each one of us attends these weekly gatherings with distinct expectations. CINEMATIKI MAUI provides a forum—20 to 50 viewers every week, in which each one of the viewers catches different meanings, images, and impressions from the same film. Afterwards, during our commentaries and discussion time, each viewer has the possibility of sharing those impressions with the rest of the audience. This experience of shared perception is transformative. It helps us widen even more our understanding of art, ourselves and others.

So far, we have viewed four hundred films.
Four hundred loaded piñatas full of fantasies, art and cinematography.
Our vision continues. The next 400 films are about to begin stacking up.

Looking forward,
J.J.Iuorno-Paladino & Tom Sewell

4 responses to “THIS COMING MONDAY APRIL 30, 2018 WE ARE SHOWING OUR 400th FILM !!!!!!

  1. Solomon Sikirdji

    Aloha. Blessings from Bali. Thank you both so much for your dedication and sharing of studio space. Congrats on upcoming 400th movie. I celebrate with you from the other side of earth. Looking forward to rejoining you end of May. Many blessings on all you do. Aloha. Solomon.

  2. Paul Janes-Brown

    The Cinematiki is one of the best things about Maui…well Thomas Sewell is one of the best things about Maui. He is a true visionary and seeker of and expresser of absolute beauty. While we know we are in paradise, paradise is just natural, Thomas brings in the cerebral, intellectual, emotional juice that makes paradise human too! J J is our resident commentator and master of ceremonies, his breath of knowledge, spanning decades of study and contemplation combine with Thomas’ aesthetic to make for the best thing to do on Maui on Monday nights. Mahalo nui loa for this amazing experience.

    • As usual, Paul, a lovely “review”! And “400” is the magic number!!! Kudos to all…including the attentive, committed audience who contribute so meaningfully to the experience!

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