Monday February 5th, 2018 *** Lady Bird *** Directed by Greta Gerwig *** interpreted by Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts


Set in 2002, Christine MacPherson – self named Lady Bird – finds herself stuck on the “wrong side of the tracks” in Sacramento, California. Lady Bird follows an outspoken teen’s turbulent relationship with her strong willed mother during her senior year at Sacramento Catholic high school. Amidst a rapidly shifting American economic landscape, Lady Bird longs for adventure and acceptance in this coming of age film.

Lady Bird is nominated for Best Picture in the Academy Awards.

Greta Gerwig is spreading her wings as a filmmaker — and she soars with “Lady Bird.” -Amy Rowe
New York Daily News

‘What Greta Gerwig has done — and it’s by no means a small accomplishment — is to infuse one of the most convention-bound, rose-colored genres in American cinema with freshness and surprise.”

-A.O. Scott
The NYTimes


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