From its inception, CINEMATIKI’s mission has been to celebrate the art
of cinema. Each one of us attends these weekly gatherings with distinct
expectations. CINEMATIKI MAUI provides a forum—20 to 50 viewers
every week, in which each one of the viewers catches different meanings,
images, and impressions from the same film. Afterwards, during our
commentaries and discussion time, each viewer has the possibility of sharing those impressions with the rest of the audience. This experience of shared perception is transformative. It helps us widen even more our
understanding of art, ourselves and others.

SO…HERE WE ARE …seven years and three hundred and one films later…we have just  viewed Paolo Sorrentino’s “YOUTH” and are still processing the images in the empty halls  of our minds, figuring out the story and  understanding it’s meanings with relation to our own “youthing” and wondering, wondering, wondering…

What do you think ??








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