thank YOU for your continuous interest and support of CINEMATIKI-MAUI…

your weekly attendance for the past 6 years with your savvy, juicy and sometimes controversial commentaries about the film (s) shown has made this journey so informative about the ever changing art of cinematography and your individual points of view has enriched our cumulative knowledge about films and the people who make them…

we also want to inform you that the Cinematiki is going to be dark for a couple of weeks- starting today=June 30, 2014=  and we shall be back on July 14 or thereafter…







3 responses to “MY PAL TOM AND I…

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  2. Thank you Nikhi !!

  3. ALOHA JJ:….. it is an honor to be part of this lively, passionate and illuminating group; i look forward to each monday and always feel fulfilled when i am able and/or make the time and effort to attend. you have gathered together a spirited and perceptive collection of individuals. MAHALO …..

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