FLAMENCO TRILOGY and all that jazzzzzzz…

The flamenco film trilogy directed by Carlos Saura is comprised of;

Bodas de Sangre (1981) , Carmen (1983) and El Amor Brujo (1986)…

The stories, the music and the coreographies are completely independent of each other…

The connecting thread through out all of them is the director Carlos Saura and the actor/dancer Antonio Gades.

Flamenco as a dance and also as song in cante jondo is very complex in it’s simplicity…

Our Cinematiki audience is to be commended in their exemplary open mind-ness in observing and taking notes in the similarities and differences of these diverse cultures.

NOW…Answering some of those rarely asked questions:

Carlos Saura was married to actress Geraldine Chaplin, thus had a connection to her father: the comedian/director Charles Chaplin and her grandfather: writer Eugene O’Neil, whose daughter Oona was married to Charles Chaplin and was Geraldine’s mom.

High heels lead to swollen ankles…and the morals remain the same…

Among the many rhythms of flamenco there is one called tangos.

Our next film presentation will be CARMEN

As in basic mathematics; the order of the factors does NOT alter the final product...

what do you think ??


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