Our last film “Amour” directed by Michael Haneke (2012) provoked such a ripple of good commentaries about the wonderful performances of Jean-Louis Trintignant ( previously seen @ the Cinematiki on March 2009 in “The Conformist” by Bernardo Bertolucci) and Emanuelle Riva (“Hiroshima mon amour” by Alain Resnais= Cinematiki April 2010) that Tom and I decided to do an petit homage to Jean-Louis Tringtignant and show some of his other films starting with ” …and God created women” (Roger Vadim-1956) , followed by “Z” (Costa-Gavras-1969), “A man and a woman” (Claude Lelouch-1966) and if we can get a copy of the classical cult film “Il sorpasso” aka “Easy life” directed by Dino Rissi (1962)…

Starting our fifth consecutive year showing the best films of all time…

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