Our intention has been from the very beginning  to show and review the best international classical films ever made.

We always pay homage to the director (s), because even though film is a collaborative medium, the director’s vision is what truly makes each film so unique and special.

Sometimes we also feature superlative actors in roles that put them in the exclusive Pantheon of great performances.

We have recently started a cycle of historical dramas that showed us Peter O’Toole at his prime playing King Henry at different moments of his life in two  great films; “The lion in winter” with Katherine Hepburn and Anthony Hopkins and  “Becket” with Richard Burton.

We also wanted to show Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, perhaps one of the most famous film couples of all times, doing their best film work together.

The intention was to continue with historical drama and show Burton and Taylor in Cleopatra“, followed by William Shakespeare “The taming of the shrew” and then bring them into modernity with Edward Albee’s ” Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”.

Sometimes, like this coming Monday September 9th , our intentions of continuity get disrupted by not getting the postal delivery of the intended film and we’ll show “Who’s afraid…” instead of  “Cleopatra”,  hoping that the order of the films won’t alter the total enjoyment of our collective experience.

Thank you for your loyal support through these past five years and two hundred and five films viewed and discussed together.


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    Hi Tom, Read your post and just wanted to offer in advance access to my Blu-Ray library. Just in case – in the future – you don’t get the intended film in time for your showing (and provided of course I actually have the film!) I also used to show films back in California – so I know how maddening that can be when a film doesn’t arrive in time! I have close to 800 titles now – you can view and search them online at: http://connect.collectorz.com/users/josephmyates/movies/view I am constantly adding new ones – usually 4-5 titles per week – many foreign and Criterion Collection. Unfortunately for me Mondays are booked for me – so usually not able to attend – but love what you folks are doing! Aloha, Joseph

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