MONDAY, 06/17/2013 — “THERE WILL BE BLOOD” (2007), directed by PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON


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Nominated for 8 Academy Awards in 2008, “There Will Be Blood” is a true American masterpiece that explores the themes of greed, capitalism, godlessness and revenge through the politics of oil.

Daniel Day-Lewis’ outstanding acting in this film was widely recognized by the film industry, with many critics claiming that “There Will Be Blood” features Daniel Day-Lewis at his prime.

Craving some intense action (and possibly gore as well)? Join us on Monday evening – there will be food, discussions and… blood.

Same place, same time.

One response to “MONDAY, 06/17/2013 — “THERE WILL BE BLOOD” (2007), directed by PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON

  1. Barry Sultanoff

    This is one of the best films I have ever seen. it is an exquisite expression of art on every level… Cinematically it is exciting and engaging in every frame, acting is impeccable, Day Lewis’ portrayal of “the oil man” is astonishing. He is perhaps our greatest living actor. Musical score is imaginative and adds immeasurably to the feeling, drama, and suspense. The storytelling, adaptation of the Sinclair Lewis novel, is as good as it gets. The film takes a potent dig at corporate America and at fanatical religion. In fact, Day-Lewis’ character is the personification of corporation, with his amoral narcissism, abuse of anything and everything to achieve the bottom line. This character is driven by greed, but even more so by paranoid delusion. His sociopathic narcissism is classic: no way can he ever stand in another’s shoes or see life from any perspective other than his own fanatical drivenness. nor would he want to. Just as modern corporations are, this character stops at nothing.. Murder, abuse, lying, cheating, and ultimately, self-destruction, along with the ruination of everyone and everything that surrounds him. No remorse, no accountability. Will modern corporations be somehow “reformed” and made to serve people rather than the “devil” of greed? This film does not hold such possibility with much optimism.We see an entrenched insanity that has become normative. God help us!! That is, if there is a God at all.

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