God’s Comedy — a note from Tom Sewell —

Reflecting on God’s Comedy, I definitely plan to archive the scene where Joao de Deus directs the young woman in the swim suit as she swims on his desk. I find that my favorite part of the film and perhaps the most memorable scene in any film I’ve seen. I can only speak of my own gut reaction to the film as a whole. I found the film extremely entertaining: a film about an obsessive slightly perverted man with a passion for poetry, music, dance, literature, swimming and girls..? Count me in! I loved his movements. I loved the way he was effected by classical music. I loved his concern with cleanliness. I enjoyed his ability to archive an organize and label his bizarre collection of women’s pubic hairs (“God shave the Queen”)

Yes, I realize we are speaking about a lot of things that are not politically correct but I must remind you that the history of art is full of such things. Think Duchamp, Man Ray, Luis Buñuel, Dali, Polanski, Hitchcock, Bertolucci, Nabokov, Kubrick, etc.

Remember it is just a film. It is director Monteiro as Joao de Deus exploring parts of his shadow, pushing boundaries and having fun making art.

Tom Sewell

One response to “God’s Comedy — a note from Tom Sewell —

  1. Carissimo JUAN-JOSE , cordiali saluti dall’italia ! goodbye !

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