Writer-director Michelangelo Antonioni’s vision of late – 1960s America is on full display in this tale that mixes romance and revolution as it explores the love affair between a pot-smoking secretary and a rebel seeking a cause. An Italian filmmaker’s take on American counterculture mythology, this visually stunning film remains an interesting artifact of the times.

*IMPORTANT*: Potluck – 5:45pm; Film – 6:45pm; Discussion after film!

One response to “MONDAY, 01/28/2013 — “ZABRISKIE POINT” (1970) — MICHELANGELO ANTONIONI SERIES —

  1. Having just concluded showing a short 3 film cycle at the Cinematiki by Michelangelo Antonioni I want to acknowledge my gratitude for having the possibility of re-viewing , learning and commenting on the work of Antonioni…
    Signore Antonioni was a true artist that depicted his cinematic world according to his experiences, esthetic point of view and cerebral machinations that presented us with innumerable propositions of characters that somehow defied the norm, regardless of the culture that they came from and are not just like you or me…He somehow reached some of his audience that always strived to figure him out and embraced his artistic choices, even those they did not understand…
    Just like Fellini, but with a completely different slant he photographed the landscape, especially Italy in the 60’s=showing us the contrasting urban ruins of the immediate past with the incongruity of “modern” architecture…
    also, the nice looking professional actors in his films emoted mostly internally in ways that puzzle my passions…
    considering how much good will and open mindness i brought to each one of his films at the Cinematiki and after 52 years as a viewer of his films, to me he still remains elusive, cryptic, disengaging and un-interesting…

    “Above all, the listener/viewer should be able to understand the poem or the song or the film and not be forced to unravel a complicated, self-indulgent puzzle. Offer your art up to the whole world, not just an elite few.”
    Lucinda Williams=songwriter= slightly tweaked by JJ

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