Why see films projected? — a note from Tom Sewell —

I am unable to watch films on a video screen for a number of reasons. First, I so enjoy our Cinematiki Group that to see a film without them would be like cheating on my wife. I just like the history we share, the commitment to learning, the camaraderie, the whole adventure. I enjoy the discussion after the film almost as much, and sometimes more than the film itself.

We have seen, dissected and digested so many great films and the process works for me. I love the big projected image reflected back on me, off the screen, almost including me as a character. I can more readily step in for a distinct visceral experience. Plus, it is easy on the eyes and the brain. The electronic image projected directly from a flat screen into my eyes is just a little more harsh, numbing information than I need. I also find that if I know I will be discussing the film with others, I pay more attention.

Sharing cinema has become a very meaningful part of my Maui life. The early years I lived in Minneapolis, in the Uptown area, were tantalizing times for me. The Uptown Theater and The Suburban World Theater were a huge influence opening vast worlds of wonder. These Maui Monday nights have become a splendid continuation of the magic and I welcome your presence for the exploration.


Tom Sewell

One response to “Why see films projected? — a note from Tom Sewell —

  1. …and we humbly thank you and JJ for making that experience available to us. Rock on!

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