Why see The Harmonists? — a note from Tom Sewell —

It reminds us of the power of music, in spite of the horrible drum beat of the Nazi buildup. These five men created amazing art that brought happiness to a multitude. Their story is very inspiring. It was so good to see a film about that era that feels uplifting. I really enjoyed the goofy music, and the five main characters were all wonderful! Seeing it for the second time, after 6 years even better, I was more relaxed and knew Harry would come out okay and not get sent to a camp.

P.S. On a side note, I am glad to see that both my new interns, Anh and Tony, have been watching movies every night and discussing them with gusto and great enthusiasm. They have watched Jules and Jim, Psycho, and The Clockwork Orange, and much more. They have been helping Cinematiki with film researches and poster-making as well. I look forward to seeing the future of Cinematiki with the contribution of these new young guys!

Tom Sewell

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