Secret of the Grain by Abdellatif Kechiche

One response to “Secret of the Grain by Abdellatif Kechiche

  1. As usual, today faces and feelings from the previous night’s film appear momentarily all through the next day.

    Another observation on the film — most of the episodes in The Secret of the Grain, contained an entire story, but just the beginning and middle of each of those stories. We only learned the ending of an earlier episode as an incidental part of the next story. For example, we didn’t know for sure that Slimani had actually been fired until something was mentioned about his using his severance pay for the restaurant, or we only learned that all the applications for permits and loans had failed when some months later the musicians were sitting outside their hotel chatting about the party that Slimani was planning to impress the officials.

    The entire story of the movie has the same kind of omitted ending leaving us not knowing if Slimani just collapsed or if he died there on the quay. Maybe we’ll find out part way through another film, or in a TV news release about a runaway new mullet restaurant trend that began in the port of port of S├Ęte, France.

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