That Obscure Object of Desire By: Louis Brunuel

2 responses to “That Obscure Object of Desire By: Louis Brunuel

  1. I have a comment about “Obscure Object fo Desire”. The film made a big impact on the me. I took away an interesting Buddhist message from the movie that has stuck with me, namely: When you are confronted with an obscure object of desire that causes suffering, the best thing to do is dump a bucket of cold water on it and walk away – just douse it. It’s a humorous but powerful image, I thank Brunuel for it. – Gary

  2. susan bradford

    Hi All, After last night’s wonderful discussion, I have done some thinking and research. Two issues stood out for me…what IS that obscure object of desire and terrorism. And, below is a little article about the increase of terrorism in the 70’s in Europe.
    So, the obscure object. Evidently Bunuel was feeling so ill that he had decided not to make any more films but was encourage to by his cohorts. Thus, Obscure…..One review talked about his first marriage which evidently had elements of the tumultuous, passionate, crazy affair depicted in this movie. As we have learned, Bunuel had a very ‘straight’ part of himself and of course the wild, surrealist. Perhaps at the end of his life, his last film, he chose to look once again at these obscure, crazy making sexual tensions.

    Terrorism in Europe during the 1970’s :
    Due to the rising political turbulence of the 1970’s, devastating terrorism grew in power and frequency. Groups used military force to commit acts of violence against innocent victims. These terrorist groups, so-named due to the mass terror that they spread, are usually left wing-radicals or right-wing reactionaries. Often they were Marxist-Leninist organisations intent on spreading communism.

    One such example was the Red Brigades based in Italy. This communist group intended to “create a revolutionary state through armed struggle, and to separate Italy from the Western Alliance.” To achieve this goal several terrorist steps were taken. For instance, former Prime Minister Aldo Moro was executed by the Red Brigades in 1978. Law enforcement officers were also a frequent target of selective shootings. In addition, several Italian cities were bombed, such as Rome, Milan and Genoa.

    As the decade wound down, so too did the Red Brigades. Those well-organised many of the members were arrested as the Seventies drew to a close. By the time one of the kidnapping was released by police in 1982, the Red Brigade’s strength had been drained.

    Another terrorist group founded in the Seventies was the Action Directè from France. Most notable of the Action Directè’s undertakings was the murder of George Barse, president of the Renault Company. Other targets for violence included NATO, government organisations and international corporations. Like the Red Brigades, the Action Directè based its ideals on Marx and Lenin. Guerilla tactics were used in an attempt to destroy France’s government and replace it with a Marxist-Leninist regime. Apparently, their goal was not to be realised.
    In summary, the seventies saw the rise and fall of numerous terrorist groups.

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