***MONDAY OCTOBER 24th, 2016 *** “THE FRONT” ******* directed by Martin Ritt ***** starring Woody Allen, Zero Mostel and Herschel Bernardi


It sort of started with Dalton Trumbo who wrote last weeks film “Roman Holiday” when he was still blacklisted in Hollywood and could not write screenplays under his own name and he had to use some other writer as  a “front.” This week film ” The front”  is  directed by Martin Ritt with a story written by Walter Bernstein and features  one of those rare appearances by Woody Allen as an actor, interpreting a certain character in a role of a film from another director…hmmm…i’m curious about what he brings to the character and also there is a super interesting supporting cast featuring; Zero Mostel, Herschel Bernardi, Andrea Marcovici and Michael Murphy…

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