Monday August 29TH, 2016 ******* “My Architect: A Son’s Journey” ***** directed by Nathaniel Kahn – cast Nathaniel Kahn, Frank Gehry, I.M. Pai, Philip Johnson, B.V. Doshi


Continuing in our theme of sons making films about their father, in an effort to know them better, we present My Architect: A Son’s Journey. This film is about architect Louis Kahn, and it was produced by his son, the one that he never knew… from a family that Kahn had kept a secret…Sounds complicated ??…well, i guess it is…and that’s also one of the things that the Cinematiki seems to be  all about; to see, to feel,to experience and aftewards to share openly and  express whatever lurks in us and somehow it’s stirred by those images…

or something like that…what do you think ?


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