FEB. 22: VINCENT WANTS TO SEA (2010) by Ralf Huettner withFlorian David Fitz, Karoline Herfurth and Heino Ferch


VINCENT WANTS TO SEA, (aka VINCENT WILL MEER), German poster art, from left: Karoline Herfurth, Florian David Fitz, 2010. ©Corinth Films



A German movie about a young guy with tourette’s, a woman with anorexia and a man with compulsion neurosis. With the beautiful alps in the background they together embark on an adventure and experience life , love and friendship. The film received great feedback and is very popular in Germany. Directed by Ralf Huettner, screenplay by Florian David Fitz who plays the main character “Vincent” himself. With Karoline Herfurth, Heino Ferch and Johannes Allmayer.

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