10/29/2012…TAXI DRIVER…directed by MARTIN SCORSESE…


3 responses to “10/29/2012…TAXI DRIVER…directed by MARTIN SCORSESE…

  1. Aloha, I’ve never been to your Cinematiki, I’d like to see Taxi Driver! Can you please share directions and time with me? Mahalo’s, Ch

    • Aloha Che,
      any relation to ernesto “che” guevara lynch?
      how did you connect with the cinematiki blog ??
      where are you located?

      • “taxi driver” is a very gritty, moody, violent, passionate, artistic and seminal film from martin scorsese…
        together w/ “mean streets” and “raging bull” are perhaps the best three films of early scorsese works…
        the searing portrayal of travis by robert de niro, got him into the film pantheon of un-forgettable characters and phrases= “you’re talking to me?” …
        also has the early film acting work of harvey keitel and jody foster and a chilling portrayal by martin scorsese of the psychopath voyeur watching the silhouette of his cheating wife in the window from the back seat of the parked taxi…
        an unconventional view a newyorkcity in the 70’s with great camera work and an eclectic musical score…
        and a sort of unrealistic conventional heroic ending a la hollywood…

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