Bill Cunningham


Released 2010

Shown November 21, 2011


“[A] captivating and moving portrait of a singular man and a passing era… Mr. Cunningham finds something creative, life-affirming and free, and preserves it forever. An intimate portrait that feels more found or captured than it does constructed. (Cunningham) is an aesthete and an ascetic, a member of the establishment and a bohemian, and among the last of his kind.”
– Carina Chocano, THE NEW YORK TIMES

“It’s a real privilege to watch this film!”
– Kenneth Turan, LOS ANGELES TIMES

“The touching, heart-swelling film—which covers the simple life of the city’s most beloved shutterbug—reminds us that fashion doesn’t have to be so serious. It can be fun. It can be frivolous. And, as Mr. Cunningham shows us night after night, it can be a wild adventure.”
– Meredith Melling Burke, VOGUE.COM

“Fascinating! A smart, playful movie! As much a portrait of a kind of artist as it is a document of a city’s evolving sense of style.”
– Wesley Morris, BOSTON GLOBE

“A magisterial documentary about urban life and creativity.”
– Hilton Als, THE NEW YORKER

“CRITICS’ PICK! Press’s celebratory, humorous, and often touching directorial debut captures one of New York’s most appealing characters. As fittingly modest as its charming subject.”
– Miranda Siegel, NEW YORK MAGAZINE

One response to “Bill Cunningham

  1. Bill Cunningham teaches us by example to:
    * Live intensely and capture every moment with our full attention
    * Regard art and its pursuit as something worth giving our life to
    * Be kind: when we expose people with our attention (or camera) for all the world to see, we must still maintain respect for the vulnerable human inside. Storytelling, be it visual or oral, need not be vituperative gossip.
    * Celebrate the beauty of the surface–and not necessarily care who is inside
    * Embrace religion (spirituality)–even if we can’t really explain why, to ourself or to anyone else.
    * Be outrageous and not give a damn about what anyone else thinks of it
    * Be ageless: at age 80 one can still be 8 years old
    * Get around by bicycle; you see a lot more that way–and it’s a hell of a lot more fun.
    * Do what we do without asking anyone’s permission
    * Ask for help, and if we don’t get it.. insist upon help!
    * Live with no romantic/sexual partner whatsoever, if that is our situation, and not even think of that as odd
    * Stay clear of mental health professionals at all cost, as they will only try to bring us down to everyone else’s level of mediocrity (Though he did not say this directly, I saw it as implied in his not seeing anything about himself as in need of fixing.)
    * Be fearless, but don’t make any big deal about it
    * Come to CinemaTiki regularly, in hopes that the next film may be as good as “Bill Cunnigham New York.”

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