In Celebration of our First 100 Films

5 responses to “In Celebration of our First 100 Films

  1. David & Carolyn Israelite

    SPECTACULAR PARTY!! Great ambiance, food, wine, music, dancing & even the sunset cooperated. And how about the fabulous clothes! If ever there was a formula for a perfect party-this was it. Hope we don’t have to wait for the 200th film for an encore performance.

  2. More photos of La Dolce Vita party:

  3. Hi Fernando,

    Thanks again for the great photos. You have the ability to download the photos turned off and I don’t think that is your intention.

    Aloha, Steve

  4. I’ll second what Marion said…. and add to it how much fun it was to PARTY and DANCE with the wonderful, eclectic individuals that our film group is comprised of!!

    Thanks to Fernando and everyone else who chronicled the event on film. Great compilation that Tom presented tonight!

  5. Wow! Thanks to JJ, T om and all those that made Friday’s celebration such a fantastic occasion! What a wonderful gathering it was at Dorothy’s, the very gracious hostess who made this event as spectacular as it was, offering up her home and her fabulous cooking completed by perfect ambiance and service… In my eight years here on Maui, this was by far the most fun event I have attended and made even more special by everyone who attended festively donning their “La Dolce Vita” outfits, attitudes and brought with them their smiles, laughter, and love… an absolute blast! 5 Stars from me!

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