Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola


97 - Apocalypse Now



2 responses to “Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola

  1. The enjoyment of noteworthy ciNeMatiKi-related films does not stop on Monday night. JJ’s comments about his experience with Apocalypse Now and the “memorable experience as one of the best anti-bellicist films” motivated me to see the other classic anti-war films he mentioned. I had seen Johnny Got His Gun, not too long after reading the book, and felt it was time to review it again. I had not seen Kubrick’s Paths of Glory so I played that one at home too and both films were very well crafted and extremely significant with their message.

    I’ll be looking forward to future commentary on our Monday night films and how they might relate to other films I might otherwise miss seeing.

    Kudos to Fernando as well for his insightful essays on how our Cinematiki films effected him.

  2. Thank you Fernando: what a wonderful review/critique/analysis of “Apocalypse now”…
    see what i mean jelly bean?…
    a work of art (for some) and a piece of merde (for some others) could elicit a thousand responses- each with their own point of view, with their own sensibilities and sensitivities sooooooooooooo different from you and me and by which we all learn something new that we did not see, catch or even had interpreted differently…
    this was my third viewing of this film…
    the first viewing was in Europe when the film first opened and it was a fantastic, memorable experience as one of the best anti-bellicist films i’d ever seen= on par with Stanley Kubrick’s” Paths of Glory” and Dalton Trumbo’s “johnny got his gun”…
    then i had the good fortune to assist at Coppola’s presentation of his director’s cut version for the San Francisco Film Festival @ the Kabuki theatre in San Francisco and i was wowed again by the prolix work he had added to it and NOW @ the CINEMATIKI MAUI in the Republic of Haiku
    we saw his “Redux” version with all the extras goodies added and it even got better (and darker…)
    i wonder what my next viewing might reveal…

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