"The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie" By Luis Buñuel

3 responses to “"The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie" By Luis Buñuel

  1. I didn’t much care for this film even though there were some moments, particularly comedic, that I appreciated. I had mentioned in our discussion that watching it in 1972 in an altered state may have made it seem more profound. JJ’s response was that there wasn’t much of that going on in Europe at the time. Reflecting on that — I remember visiting Cadaqués in 1974 and definitely remember the presence of pot and hashish, which had been going on for a while I believe. I also met and chatted briefly with Dali in a cafe there — memorable!

  2. Well! I am (as you know), generally outspoken on movie night, sparked and inspired by everyone’s commentary as well as by the movie, but “The Discreet Charm” really didn’t give me great inspiration. I found it to be a somewhat pretentious film about pretentious people with little to no plot, no direction and didn’t get me sitting on the edge of my seat. I did find interest in fine line it showed between reality and dreams, implying (to me) that perhaps our dreams are just as relevant to our experiences as those that are real. Not my favorite film, but not my least favorite either. I’ll miss movie night while gone!

    • you’ve got it Marion !!
      it is a film about pretentious people…
      that is what the title implies…the film is NOT pretentious…just shines a strong light on pretentiousness and hypocrisy and ignorance…
      plenty of plot (s) to go around and touch some hidden sore spot in each of us…
      and as usual with ART it means whatever it means to you…
      happy trails Marion and good learning adventures…jj

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